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THRIVE in 2019

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

by: Jeanine Englert

(This post first appeared on February 26, 2019 on Soul Mate Publishing's Blogpost.)

One of My THRIVE Necklaces

February generally brings a bit of reality after the fresh, shiny glow of the New Year. In January, everything seems possible, but sometimes by the end of February, you might wonder. . . can I really _______ (insert whatever resolution you created for yourself for 2019).

The answer is Yes. Yes, you can.

I gave up making New Year resolutions in January of 2018 and selected a word to focus on instead. I chose THRIVE. And you know what, 2018 was all about thriving in so many ways. I let go of toxic relationships, I created a self-care plan, I forgave myself for my shortcomings, I took writing risks, and despite some shortfalls here and there, I soared. I let go and found myself a 2018 Golden Heart ® Finalist and signing my first book contract with a publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, a few months later. I also managed some of those unexpected life curve balls with more grace and strength than I ever thought possible. The strength came from the people I loved, those who loved me, and a higher power (whatever you believe it to be) that knew far more than I did about myself and what I was capable of. AND, from having chosen to focus on thriving, being positive, and being open to unexpected opportunities that came my way.

This year, I decided to keep my word. I still choose to THRIVE in 2019. My husband even bought me not one, but two necklaces with the word THRIVE on them in 2018. I wear one of them almost every day, and even when I don’t have them on, the word is still with me. All my choices revolve around thriving: choosing joy, choosing happiness, and being present in the life I have the gift of living. Problems have become opportunities to learn and grow from, and I’ve seen the small gifts as the blessings that they are.

And so far, 2019 has been full of moments to THRIVE, some entirely unexpected. One of them was being given the opportunity to blog for you on this site. Another has been seeing the cover for my debut novel, which took my breath away.

So, if the luster of the New Year has become a bit dingy or if you haven’t set a word for yourself this year to guide your actions and intentions, give yourself a moment or two and close your eyes. What do you want your year to be? A year of JOY, PEACE, STRENGTH, or COURAGE?

There is no wrong word. The word just has to be yours and worn with your whole heart.

So, what will your word for 2019 be?

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